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  1. 10.14.11 //Pros and Bros tour part 1!

    Part 1 of a tour Svitk went on in Canada.


  2. 10.10.11 //Jason Adams shows off new Lost HWY/1031 line!

    Here is a sick video of Jason skating and showing off the new line for fall.Check this out and then go down to your local shop and buy one of these decks or get them from us.

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

  3. 10.07.11 //1031 Fall tour!

    Tomorrow the '1031 Dan Nepscha is pro! US Tour' begins. We hope to see you on one of our stops!

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

  4. 10.31.11 //

    Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a video of Kristian Svitak explaining the 1031 name!

    Pros & Bros - A Message From Kristian Svitak from Concrete Skateboarding on Vimeo.

  5. 10.28.11 //Win a Jason Adams complete!

    Head on over to Thrasher's website to win

     // Jason Adams costume contest!

  6. 10.24.11 New pro! New deck construction and a brand new series!

    We have a ton of stuff going on this week so with no further delay...

    Nepscha goes pro!

    We have just offically truned Dan Nepscha pro! Check the flyer below (click to enlarge) and then enjoy the video!

     // Nepscha goes pro flyer

    'Hardcore Construction' and 'Drink Up!' series!

    We proud to introduce our 'Hardcore Construction' and 'Drink Up!'series. The Hardcore Construction is a brand new deck construction method for 1031. Our new Drink Up! series is the latest in our fall line!Both are available for immediate shipment! (click images below to enlarge)

  7. Hardcore Construction! - Fall Line 2011
  8. Drink Up! series - Fall Line 2011

  9. 10.08.11 //Svitak's SLAM!

    The T.V. show SLAM just released Svitaks episode on Vimeo. Check it if you want your teeth to ache. Enjoy! (video starts at around 23 seconds)

    SLAM Season 1: Kristian Svitak from 2HeadedHorse on Vimeo.

  10. 10.04.11 //1031 Fall tour!

    Not only are we doing a fall tour but looks like Nepscha is going pro! More details latter. Click the below image to enlarge.

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

  11. 09.27.11 //Flow rider Matt Tomasello!

  12. 09.23.11 //New shots of Svitak

    B.Smitty took some cool shots of Svitak the other day! Click to enlarge.

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

    B. Smitty // Svitak Photo

  13. 09.22.11 //1031/Landshark Flow Clip :NYC!

    1031/Landshark flow riders Trent Hazelwood & Dan Corrigan visited NYC!

  14. 09.12.11 //New Lost HWY decks out now!

    1031 Skateboards - Lost Highway Fall Line 2011
  15. 09.02.11 //Vote for 1031!

    Svitak, Rick Rossi, CJ and Donovan recently spent a week at Woodward and made a video of it.Now our video along with some other teams that were there is up for a vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins $5000! So with that watch the video below and then go here and vote for 1031!

  16. 08.30.11 //Svitak will be there!

    This Labor day weekend Svitak will be at this. Its being held in the Clevelend area so if you live there stop by and support this worthy cause!

    Rock Church Labour day weekend!
  17. 08.26.11 //Jason Adams- Off the Grid!

  18. 08.24.11 //Looks whos going on a trip!

    Loading the player ...
  19. 08.8.11 //1031 at Woodward West!!

    Kristian Svitak, Cyril Jackson, Rick Rossi and Donovan Rice will all be at Woodward west today through Friday. Video of the trip coming soon!!

  20. 07.25.11 //Rick Rossi!

    Just taken...

    Rick Rossi front side board slide!
  21. 07.22.11 //Donovan in the Skateboard Mag!

    Donovan just got a cool shot on the Skateboard Mag website. Check it out. (photo by Bart Jones)

    Donovan Skateboard Mag!
  22. 07.20.11 //Svitak judges contest!

    This Saturday in Garfield Heights , OH . Kristian Svitak will judge a contest put on in a parking lot he skated back in the day. If you live in the area dont miss it!

    Momentum contest!
  23. 07.15.11 //Get Bent out on DVD!

    Our new video 'Get Bent is now available on DVD. Get it at your local shop or from our online store!

    Get Bent out on DVD
  24. 07.11.11 //Classics: Jason Adams!

    Always adapting and mixing different generations of skate tricks, and all with his own style, here's Jason's part from 2001.

    Loading the player ...
  25. 06.15.11 //All "Get Bent" parts now up!

    All the individual parts from "Get Bent" are now up in our video section. Here is Nepscha's part!

  26. 06.13.11 //Canadian tour!

    Svitak will be on the 'Pro's and Bro's' Canadian tour!

    Tri Star'Get Bent' showing
  27. 06.09.11 //'Get Bent' parts!

    Starting today we are putting up each riders individual part from 'Get Bent' (and in high quality to boot). The first one is none other then Cyril Jackson!

  28. 06.03.11 //'Get Bent'!

    We're proud to bring you our 4th video 'Get Bent'! Stream or download it for FREE at Thrasher now!

    Get Bent Video Premier at Thrasher
  29. 06.02.11 //Fritz Mead 'Hall of Meat'!

    A handrail sack is usually the worst case scenario, but it was only the beginning for Fritz!

    Fritz Mead - Hall of Meat
  30. 06.01.11 //Rick Rossi bonus footage/Thrasher contest!

    Here's a good mix of tech, gnar, and spots you've never seen. And these are the outtakes. Also if you head over to the Thrasher site you can win yourself some 1031 stuff!

    Rick Rossi Bonus Footage
  31. 06.01.11 //Classics: Kristian Svitak!

    Dan Nepscha introduces one of his old favorites: Kristian Svitak's 2001 part from Label Kills.

    Kristian Svitak - Classics
  32. 05.31.11 //The newest commercial for our video 'Get Bent' that comes out online this week Friday June 3rd!

  33. 05.26.11 //'Get Bent' showing!

    A premeir for our new video 'Get Bent' will be showing at 'Tri Star' sk8shop in Parma, Oh. This will take place June 2nd. One day before the video comes out online!Svitak will be there.

    Tri Star'Get Bent' showing
  34. 05.23.11 //'Get Bent' latest commercial!

    The latest commercial for our new video 'Get Bent' . Out online first week of June!

  35. 05.04.11 //Jason Adams art show!

    Jason Adams is having a sick art show. Check it out!

    Jason Adams art show
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